Portions & Pricing

All our wedding cakes are unique creations, and therefore the prices will vary according to size and complexity of the design. This is a guide, based on a 4 ½ “ deep cake cut into 1” x 1” portions. For a detailed quotation, please contact me here.


Please note there is a minimum order value of £650 for peak season weddings. Alongside your wedding cake, I offer a variety of other services including favours, sweet treats, and stand hire to bring meet this minimum spend.


Buttercream Cakes

3 tier buttercream wedding cake to serve 70 portions  |  From £575

4 tier buttercream wedding cake to serve 130 portions  |  From £750

Fondant Cakes

3 tier fondant wedding cake to serve 70 portions  |  From £650

4 tier fondant wedding cake to serve 130 portions  |  From £850

5 tiers fondant wedding cake to serve 220 portions  |  From £1100

victoria sandwich portions and pricing, cake flavours
portions tasting of cake
cake portions
chocolate cake portion, cake flavours
white chocolate and raspberry portion, cake flavours
portions and pricing

If you are having more than one tier, you may be able to choose between a combination of flavours. I offer a range of sponges which can be filled with different flavour fillings. Have a look at my full menu below.

Please let me know how many portions you would like to be able to cut from your cake, and I will ensure the cake is large enough to suit your special occasion. Generally, your wedding cake will cater for 75-80% of your guests. Cutting cakes are also available to cater for weddings with a high number of guests or when you wish to serve your wedding cake as dessert.

8" square cake = 60 extra finger slices   |   10" square cake = 100 extra finger slices   |   12” Square cake = 140 extra finger slices

Erica Galvin


And Make Your Dreams Come True

If you already know what you're looking for and want to know if I am able to create it for you. Or if you need help deciding on what you think will be best for your wedding, please get in touch. I make elegant, classic, refined wedding cakes, each one specially tailored to you and your style.

Together we can discuss your ideas and design the perfect cake for your big day!